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1. Learn the Rules of Tee-ball and always play by them.

2. Be a good sport. Applaud all good plays whether they be by your team or the opposition.

3. Players must wear correct footwear, hats and be suitably attired.

4. Treat all players as you would like to be treated. Do not interfere with, bully or take unfair advantage of another player.

5. Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials or other players, deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent is not acceptable or permitted in any sport.

6. Never argue with an Umpire, other players, Coaches or Officials. If you have a problem, discuss it with your Coach and allow them to take the necessary action.

7. Verbal abuse and/or deliberate physical interference with opponents will not be tolerated by your Coach or Umpires and will result in immediate removal from the game as per TBAWA Rulebook.

8. Strive to play to the best of your ability at all times, both at training and during games.

9. Respect the time and efforts put in by your Coaches and Officials. They deserve your full support and commitment.

10. Tee-ball is a team game. Encourage your team mates even when they make mistakes. Remember every player makes errors and has off days. Never ridicule opponents or team mates.

11. Accept that at all times you will be required to take an equal turn on the bench. When on the bench, encourage your team and be prepared to play at all times.

12. Respect your opponents and appreciate their good play. Without opposition you would not be able to play the game of Tee-ball.

13. Play for the fun of it and to improve your Tee-ball skills, not just to please parents and coaches.

14. Respect the equipment provided for your use. Tee-ball equipment is very expensive and should be used responsibly. Abuse of equipment such as throwing helmets or bats is unacceptable.

15. Always think of safety to avoid injuries to yourself and others.

16. Foul language of any sort will not be tolerated.

17. Players must still maintain their obligations to their club teams at both training and games.

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